The Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting a Vehicle Provider

So you want to start a vehicle sharing company. That’s great news!

The only problem is, you can’t start a vehicle sharing company without — well, vehicles, and it’s not like you have a fleet of e-scooters or mopeds stowed away in your garage, eagerly anticipating your launch day and ready to be deployed at any moment.

If you can relate, don’t fret. We’ve already covered what to look for in an ideal software provider, but what about your vehicle and/or hardware provider? There are different factors to consider before simply picking the cheapest or coolest-looking vehicles you can find. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when selecting your vehicle-slash-hardware provider.

Don’t: Try to Strike Your Own Deals With Manufacturers

Let’s start with the classic rookie mistake, which is assuming you can bypass a good hardware provider and go straight to a vehicle manufacturer based overseas, order a veritable armada of e-scooters or mopeds at a jaw-droppingly low wholesale price and be on your merry way, praising yourself mentally for your cost-saving tactics.

But many manufacturers don’t include a built-in IoT device. Imagine the pain of ordering a fleet of mopeds, shipping them back to your home country and then having to deal with retrofitting IoT devices onto all of them — not only does that cost time, but it also costs money. This brings us to our next point:

Do: Find a Vehicle Provider Who Can Offer You a Complete Package

It’s kind of obvious, right? Instead of trying to piece together the components of a successful vehicle sharing company by yourself, why not go for the complete package deal that can offer you everything you need?


A white label user app, an efficient management system that gives you a thorough overview of user accounts and payments, analytics that let you make well-informed decisions and of course the vehicles themselves should all be included in a solid, all-in-one vehicle sharing platform.

Do: Make Sure Customization is an Option

Last but most certainly not least, if you want to start your own vehicle sharing company, you’ll want to be able to customize everything with your own logo, colours and icons. This includes not only having a branded user app but of course, having branded vehicles as well.

Are you banking on having a neon colour palette to attract tourists in a crowded city centre, or are you going after commuters and business people by offering them a sleek, minimalistic look? Whoever your target market might be, you know that the customizable factor is an absolute dealbreaker — brand visibility is, after all, everything.

Selecting vehicles for your fleet might seem like the most “fun” part of getting your concept off the ground, but it’s not exactly a walk in the park. At Wunder Mobility we go the extra mile, we will advise you on getting started and selecting the perfect vehicle type for your business, & help you launch successfully.

As micro-mobility & other new mobility types increase in future so will the competition between companies. We’ve compiled a list of risks associated with starting a fleet company and ways to overcome them in our next article so that you inform yourself ahead of time & help steer your business towards profitability.

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