How Blue Duck Is Bringing Micromobility Across the Southern U.S.

Blue Duck is expanding their business by bringing micromobility to smaller cities around the U.S. By partnering with cities, they are able to bring equitable and sustainable services to otherwise underserved markets.

Read on in the interview below to learn more about their mission and predictions for the transportation landscape in a post-COVID world.

Blue Duck Background & Operations

We share the vision of bringing mobility to all different markets and making sharing services available for all. Tell us a bit more about your approach there.

What inspired Blue Duck to launch in the first place?

How is Blue Duck transforming mobility in smaller cities around the US? How are you partnering with cities to accomplish this?

What makes Blue Duck’s approach to last-mile travel different from others in the marketplace?

In addition to working with cities in the South, you’re also bringing Ducks to college campuses and corporate organizations throughout the U.S. Tell us a bit more about that!

The Landscape

What do you think the future of shared mobility will look like in the U.S. especially post-Covid era?

What makes you guys unique in your approach? Are others looking to you as an example of the future of mobility?


In what ways has Blue Duck proven additionally beneficial to U.S. customers during Covid-19?

Blue Duck embraces this shift and has continued to operate during these times providing assets that have gone through our comprehensive operating procedures to ensure that riders are receiving clean and well-maintained scooters to assist them during these trying times. We are dedicated to our continued safe operations and are also testing new hardware technologies to utilize on our assets which may prove effective at reducing the spread of Covid-19.

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