An Interview with Quinten Selhorst, CEO of felyx

We recently travelled to Amsterdam to interview the CEO of felyx, Quinten Selhorst. When we showed up in the Dutch capital on a typically gray and drizzly morning, the first thing we noticed was how few cars are driving around downtown. In this city, two-wheeled vehicles rule the road.

Hi Quinten, thanks for having me. Let’s start with the basics: What inspired felyx?

The idea of felyx was initiated in late December 2015. The other co-founder, Maarten, and I were working as consultants at the time. In our private and professional lives, we were using car-sharing services a lot — not just in Amsterdam, but in our travels, too. When we used car sharing in Holland, we kept asking ourselves the same question: why aren’t there any electric scooter sharing systems around yet?

So when you guys started out, there were no other competitors doing what you did?

Actually, around May 2016, we read about the first pilot in Europe, which I believe only had around 30 scooters. We realized then that we aren’t the only people out there with this idea. At the same time, however, it meant that there was proof of concept and that our concept was technically feasible. That was very important for the investors at that time, too. No one was sure if scooter sharing was really going to work.

How times have changed. With so many fish in the shared mobility sea, what makes felyx different from other e-moped sharing services across Europe?

At felyx, we’re very keen on and capable of optimizing collaborations with different municipalities and local governments. That’s one of the reasons why we were granted vital permits and why we got the green light in some international cities. Municipalities are actually in favour of working with us, which gives us a competitive advantage.

Out of all of Wunder Mobility’s clients, felyx has seen the highest growth in terms of rides taken on our platform! What’s your secret?

From the beginning, we had a vision about how to build a company. The felyx team has always been very good at conducting the right type of analysis to predict which marketing mechanisms are the most effective, partially thanks to many of us having backgrounds in consulting. In terms of the rather limited market in the Netherlands, we’ve been able to prove that we can do a tremendous job of that. Within only a few weeks’ time, we can create a new system that sees the same amount of rides per scooter per day as existing markets that have been in operation for over a year.

What about the future — do you have any big plans coming up?

In 2019, we tripled the size of our fleet. We doubled the number of cities we’re active in and entered our first international city. The team also grew quite significantly, and we know we’re set to continue to grow next year as well. You can definitely expect big things from us in 2020. Of course, on the one hand, we’d really like to focus on retaining our competitive edge in the Dutch market, but from a growth perspective, we know we need to launch international cities as well — stay tuned to see what happens in the months to come!

E-kickscooters are generating both positive and negative press right now. Do you understand the hype, or do you think e-mopeds can succeed where kickscooters might fail?

That question can really be broken down into two separate things. In terms of felyx’s vision for the future, we believe it’s necessary to change the way we use mobility. As a society, we need to stop wanting to own vehicles ourselves — cars, bikes and e-scooters — and start working with sharing systems, transitioning away from private ownership.

Let’s talk about felyx and Wunder. What made felyx decide to choose Wunder Mobility as your software provider?

There are two reasons. The first one was that we saw that the Wunder Fleet system is very, very robust. Especially during our launch, it was important for us to have low downtime and to know exactly where our scooters are located, all the time.

Are there any moments you’ve lived during your journey with felyx that you’re particularly proud of?

Wow, there are so many things to mention! To be honest, we didn’t know that we had experienced the highest rate of growth in terms of rides taken on your platform — that’s definitely something to be very proud of!

Last question: do you have any customer testimonials or any funny stories you’d like to share?

About a month after launching felyx in Amsterdam, we got a series of photos sent to us from one of our customers. She was actually moving into a different flat using one of our scooters as her only means of transportation! The photos she sent us were hilarious — the amount of boxes and bags she could fit onto one scooter was seriously impressive!

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