Blue Duck is expanding their business by bringing micromobility to smaller cities around the U.S. By partnering with cities, they are able to bring equitable and sustainable services to otherwise underserved markets.

Read on in the interview below to learn more about their mission and predictions for the transportation landscape in a post-COVID world.

Blue Duck believes that clean, equitable micromobility should be available to anyone, irrespective of their geographic location or the size of their community. By partnering with small- to mid-size cities that are seeking new transportation solutions to offer to their residents, we are able to provide…

We recently travelled to Amsterdam to interview the CEO of felyx, Quinten Selhorst. When we showed up in the Dutch capital on a typically gray and drizzly morning, the first thing we noticed was how few cars are driving around downtown. In this city, two-wheeled vehicles rule the road.

The idea of felyx was initiated in late December 2015. The other co-founder, Maarten, and I were working as consultants at the time. In our private and professional lives, we were using car-sharing services a lot — not just in Amsterdam, but in our travels, too. …

Building a successful micromobility company requires nimble business practices and blazing speed to market. Particle, an edge-to-cloud IoT platform has partnered with the top ride-sharing companies that operate in a hundred plus cities across four continents. David C. Scheltema, Senior Content Manager from Particle shares their learnings on what works, and what guarantees failure. Here are three keys for your team to get right before scaling your fleet.

What you build to get you into the market may not be what ultimately wins the market. What we’ve seen is that rapid iteration is key to the initial push to market…

Electric Life Rides was inspired by multiple previous unsuccessful attempts to jumpstart and scale electric mobility in South Africa. The final ELR concept was thought out and decided on a return trip from Geneva Motor Show 2019 and the vision became clear and precise. Contribute to the decentralization of the motor industry and revolutionize mobility and vehicle ownership in Africa using new technology and sustainable transportation whilst having some fun.

South Africa and Africa does not have any micro-mobility offerings, as well a very immature electric mobility market so we designed our application and offerings with our continent people and…

Christoph Ulusoy is CEO and founder of evhcle, a young mobility startup with a unique target customer segment: serviced apartments.

In our interview, we spoke to Christoph about his company model and plans for the future, as well as what he’s doing to stay ahead of the game during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you’re a new founder or business owner concerned about the economic fallout of the Coronavirus, read Christoph’s advice for startups at the end of the article. Hint: there are always reasons to stay positive!

Very good question! I think there were two reasons, really: firstly, I’ve been…

Micromobility and other new mobility types are on the rise. Many fleet sharing startups have sprung up all across the globe in the past few years. Unfortunately for entrepreneurs looking to get into the business, that means that the competition between companies can be quite fierce.

But don’t despair — we’ve compiled a list of risks associated with starting a fleet company and ways to overcome them. If you inform yourself ahead of time, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to see any big hurdles coming before it’s too late.

Vehicle Theft & Damages

It’s no secret that vehicle theft and damages…

So you want to start a vehicle sharing company. That’s great news!

The only problem is, you can’t start a vehicle sharing company without — well, vehicles, and it’s not like you have a fleet of e-scooters or mopeds stowed away in your garage, eagerly anticipating your launch day and ready to be deployed at any moment.

If you can relate, don’t fret. We’ve already covered what to look for in an ideal software provider, but what about your vehicle and/or hardware provider? There are different factors to consider before simply picking the cheapest or coolest-looking vehicles you can find…

If you’re considering getting into the vehicle sharing business, you probably already know the very basics of what you need to do before you start. You’ll need to understand your customer’s needs, decide on a location, choose which vehicles to buy and — last but most certainly not least — choose which software provider to launch with.

But which software provider should be allowed to have the pleasure of powering your brand-new fleet?

It’s a tough call, and it can be a deciding factor in the success of your future business. …

Can Mobility Services Ever Be Profitable?

Many new mobility companies struggle with slow growth and high initial investments. The idea of profitability almost seems too good to be true. But is it?

To the end consumer, new mobility services like ride-hailing and vehicle sharing(bike, scooter or car) don’t present many problems. They’re convenient, easy to use and offer peace of mind when it comes to their own sustainability habits.

What the consumer doesn’t see are the operational challenges, most notably the immense financial investments that need to be made before a vehicle-sharing fleet can even get on the road.

High initial costs are the biggest barrier…

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